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  1. Dec 04,  · The Qliphothic Spheres are believed by the White Lodge to represent unbalanced and disorganized reflections of the initiatory forces which are entreated through the Sephiroth. In truth, the Qliphothic Sphere of Jupiter introduces the magickain to the same initiatory force as its corresponding Sephira.
  2. Sep 03,  · Qlippothic Sphere is a chaotic counterpart of one of the usual nine Spheres of Creation. Each Sphere has a Qlippothic opposite swirling with dark resonance. They are usually employed by the Nephandi, but there are other mages who have been drawn to their power.
  3. Magic Spheres. Alteration Blood Conjuration Creation Dark Death Destruction Divination Enhancement Fallen Fey Fate Illusion Life Light Mana Mind Nature Protection Telekinesis Time War Warp Weather. Bear Technomancy. Qlippoth, Mythic Chernobue (CR 15/MR 6) XP 51, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2.
  4. Eliphas Levi talks about in his books: he said "the Qliphoth" represent the world bark, peelings or empty shells, psychic residue, which grow alongside Sephiroth. MacGregor Mathers made a parallel between the bark and the Seven Kings of Edom and suggests they result, in .
  5. These spheres are called “sephiroth.” This is a Hebrew word whose singluar form, "sephirah," means “jewel.” Each sephirah on the Tree of Life is symbolized by a jewel because it relates to virtues, which are the precious stones of the soul. The Ten Sephiroth are Ten Spheres related with the multidimensionality of the Universe.
  6. The qliphoth is the tree of death Now if we will go along traditional idea of its structure we will see of the 11 spheres the 10th split along satan and molok to form we will see that it exists going through 4 realms through its structure.
  7. So back to the point, when one dives deeper down the Tree of Death they encounter spheres that are not necessarily more dense, unlike the increasing density in Dante's Hells of spherical smothering, because those spheres — those Qlippoth — are actually inversions of Sephirothic states that are closer to the more aethereal, "self"-less, pure Sephiroth the Mental and Causal Planes.
  8. Qlippothic magick deals with the dark sides of the spheres, or rather the forces normal mages do their best to avoid. They are notoriously vulgar and dangerous, but at the same time quite powerful. A Qlippothic mage can use all normal spheric magick (although with a definite qlippothic slant) but also other effects, normally not possible in more balanced paradigms.

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